New York Journal, or, General Advertiser – February 14, 1780

We hear from Charlotte precinct, that on last Thursday
night, the following melancholy accident happened there, at
the house of the Widow Bush;
The family being all from home, except a Negro man and a
little poor boy, (about 4 years old, supported by the parish) who
were asleep by the fire in the kitchen, when the house having
by some means unknown, taken fire, the Negro was waked by
the flames, and waking the little boy, told him to run out of
the door, but the child being surprised, instead of running out
ran into another room, where it was supposed he was suffice-
ted, and where he was consumed, with the kitchen, the dwell-
ling house, and every thing in them, including almost their
whole crop of grain, and every article of their household goods,
clothes, &c. One of the nearest neighbors, seeing the flames
came to assist the distressed family, but was too late to save any

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