Country Journal – April 18, 1787

RUN-AWAY from the subscribers
living at Lower Salem in West-
chester County and State of New York,
on the night of the 8th instant, two Ne-
gro men, one about thirty-five years of
age, five feet two or three inches high,
thick set, broad across the shoulders,
very crooked legs his knees bending
outwards, had with him two coats, one
a dark brown, the other a short blue,
something worn, a short sailors vest with
sleeves, two pair of leather breeches,
three pair of stockings, two woolen
shirts, one butternut colored the other
blue and white check, an old bearskin
great-coat, and a new felt hat. The
other about twenty-six years of age,
had on when he went away, a blue
broad-cloth coat, and had with him a
black durant vest and breeches, a gray
over jacket with sleeves, and two brown
homespun underjackets; a new pair of
woolen breeches dark brown, with ap-
pletree buttons, a pair of white ribed
and a pair of blue and white stockings,
a woolen check shirt, two pair of shoes
one of them almost new, the other old,
a pair of square copper buckles, and a 
bearskin great-coat about half worn;
the said Negro talks but very little, is
named Seasor, about six feet high, well
set, smooth faced, and has a very long
foot; the first mentioned is named Sam,
and talks a great deal. Whoever takes
up said Negroes and secures them so
that their said masters may get them
again, shall be entitled to the above re-
ward, and all reasonable charges paid by
the subscribers. It is suspected they 
have gone to Vermont.
Abraham Todd.
Oliver Todd.
April 9th, 1787.

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