Country Journal – June 3, 1788

Ten Dollars Reward.
RUN AWAY from the Subscroiber li-
ving in Orange county near Go-
shen, on the 13th instant, a likely NE-
GRO Fellow named PRIME, about
eighteen years of age, thick set, about
five feet four or five inches high; had
on when he went away, a brown home-
spun Short Coat, and home-spun Under
Jacket something patched. Tow Trow-
sers, but might have changed his cloth-
ing, as he took others with him; blue
yarn stockings, very old shoes and new
Felt Hat.--- Also went off the same time
an Apprentice Boy, named NATHA-
NIEL ROCKWILL, about fifteen
years old, small of his age, of a fair
complexion --- had on an half worn short
light brown home-spun Coat, an old
jacket of the same color. Has taken
with him both linen and woolen Shirts,
both of which he has worn at the same
time -- brown tow cloth Trowsers, half 
worn shoes and a new Felt Hat. Who-
ever takes up the said Run aways, so
that their Master may get them again,
shall have the above reward for both, or
the same for the Negro only -- and all
reasonable charges paid by DAVID HAWKINS.
Orange County, May 16th, 1788

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