New York Journal, or, General Advertiser – October 12, 1778

To be SOLD at public VENDUE,
On Wednesday the 14th day of October instant.
A negro man, slave, (the property of
one Buckstone, a baker in New-York) he informs that he
was taken by the Indians at a place called the Butternut, 25 miles
above Cherry-Valley, and was carried to Unadilla, from whence
he made his escape to our frontiers, where he was taken by one
of our scouting parties along with one Robert McGinnis, and
sent to Kingston by Col. Cantine[ ]. The venue to begin at 10
o’clock in the forenoon, at the house of Capt. Evert Bogardus
in Kingston, where due attendance will be given by
PATRICK BARBER, and } Commisi-
BENJAMIN SMEDES, jun.} oners.
KIngston, October 4, 1778.

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