Tabor Family

Special Session Octr. 19th 1807 At a Special meeting of the Justices and O-verseers of Poor held at Esqr Emotts office for the purpose of examining into the circumstances + means of subsistence of sundry persons whose situations render them subject to such investiga-tion
William Emott
Thomas Nelson
Peter R Maison
Jacob Tabor appeared agreeably to Summons – (see his former Examination in Old Book Feb 19, 1806) and says in addition thereto, that before he went to live in Ben Murray’s house he lived in a house of Records, which he took of Ebenezer Bab-cock not long before Christmas 1805 in which house he lived some time – that he had a brother in law by the name of Absalom Titus a ^free black man, in whose hands a bill of sale was lodged which bill was afterwards left with Thomas Casey who (the examinant says,) burnt the said bill after the money was paid him for Jacob’s freedom _ he lived in Ben Murray’s house till some time in April when he went to live in Mrs Tappens house with Ompedo Freeman formerly a slave of Mr. Vandeburgh where he re- mained six months at the rate of L10 a year . he then went ^to a house of John Connar at $2 a month for several months. The residence of the time till the 11th of May last he was at David [Fantross’s] at 12/pr Month and has since been in the house of Joseph C Dean at the rate of L14 pr year_ that he has since the former examination got another child named Maria about 4 months old – See 17 Aug 1809
his Mark X Jacob Tabor
Ordered to remove by Saturday next, a week}

Examination of Jacob Tabor Dutchess County fs.

The examination of Jacob Tabor taken upon oath before us the 17th Augt 1809; Says, his wife’s name is Sara; his children’s names are Eliza, near 9 years, John 7 years, Patty Ann 5 years, Maria 2 years, Jenny 2 months. He lives in Mrs. Parmentier’s house, and agreed to pay her $5 — Committed for keeping a disorderly house.

See his former examination Taken before us the 17th Augst 1809

Ordered to depart from this town as soon as he is liberated from the penalties of keeping a disorderly house former examination page 43 Oct 19th 1807


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