Poughkeepsie Journal – March 23, 1796

A valuable farm, where-
on the subscriber now lives, situated in the
town of Clinton, on the main road from
Bangall to D’Cantillon’s landing, eight miles
from said landing – containing 300 acres of
excellent land with a large proportion of the
best of meadow, a sufficient quantity of good
timber, the remainder is the best of wheat
and pasture land: It has on it a very good
mill stream both for grist and saw mill,
whereon has formerly been the latter, where
a dam may be erected with a very small;l ex-
pence, not exceeding 50 feet in length. Said
farm is under good improvements, with two
good bearing orchards, a dwelling house of
40 feet in front and 20 in rear, a very good
Dutch barn; also a small dwelling house –
both of which are near the Ba**** meeting
house. This farm may be occupied for one
or two farms, and is one of the best stands
for public business on the aforesaid road. It
is needless to give any further description,
as no person will purchase so valuable a farm
without first viewing the premises. For
further particulars inquire of
Who has a Negro Man for Sale.
March 7th, 1796.

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