046 Road Book A – June 30, 1800

To all to whom this presents shall come or may concern

Greeting Know ye that I Francis Pells of Poughkeepsie
Town in Dutchess County and state of New York pursu
ant to and by the authority of a statute of the legislature
of the State of New York aforesaid passed the Twenty-
ninth day of March in the year one thousand seven
hundred and ninety nine have manumitted and
set at Liberty and by these presents do fully and
absolutely manumit to set Free and at liberty a
negro woman slave named Peggy the Property of the
said Francis Pells and do hereby fully release the
said Peggy of and from any right claim or Dimand
on her for her service from this Date In witness
where of I have to these presents set my hand and
seal this Twenty eighth Day of June in the year one
thousand Eight hundred-
Francis Pells__
Seal and Delivered
in the presents of
John Van Kleeck}
Law,ce VKleeck
Recorded this Thirtyeth Day of June 1800
Rich.d Everitt Town Clerk

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