Country Journal – August 2, 1786

Twenty Dollars Reward.
RUN-AWAY on Wednesday night
the 5th instant, from the subscribe-
ber at Rhinebeck, a Negro Man named
BEN, about 25 years of age, six feet
two inches high, of a yellow complexi-
on, great talker, and walks as if he had
lost his toes; took with him a green
plush coat, laced with scarlet, red lining;
light colored broad cloth waistcoat, li-
nin do. brown velvet breeches, black
denim and white [dimity] do. three shirts,
two pair browsers, two pair stockings,
one worsted and one thread, one pair
shoes, two hats, and a pair large square
plated buckles. Whoever returns the
said negro or secures him, so that the
owner may have him again, shall be en-
titled to the above reward.

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