Country Journal – January 26, 1786 to February 2, 1786

Eight Dollars Reward.
RUN-AWAY from the sub-
scriber on Sunday last, a 
Negro MAN, named JACK,
about 32 years of age, five feet
5 or 6 inches high. Had on
when he went away, a Drab
short coat and breeches, and a
white spotted jacket --- also, took
with him a dark brown coat, 2
wooled check shirts, and a gun;
can speak both English & Dutch.
Whoever will take up or secure
said run away, so that his master
shall get him again, shall receive
the above reward, and all reason-
able charges, from
Daniel Hasbrouck.
New-Marlborough precinct, Ul-
ster county, Jan. 16, 1786.

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