OVER 001: Examination of Benjamin Furman – January 23, 1807

Dutchess County fs.

The Examination of Benjamin Furman taken upon oath before us the 23 Jany. says he twenty nine years of age, and was born free, that his grandmother was a white woman by the name of Nelly Dunbar a native of the City of new York as he has been informed that his parents Eli Furman + Tish Furman were free mulattos and resided at Harlaem on York Island. he was bound apprentice by the Overseers of the poor of the City of New York, or persons acting as such to William Furman of said place. printer, + served out his apprenticeship with him from the age of ten years _ at the age of 22 he traveled to horseneck + worked for the widow Knapp, from there to Greenfield + remained there a number of years, where he got married to Mary Ann St. John _ The issue of that marriage now living are Timothy near three years old, Sally near three months of age ___ They rented a house in Greenfield at 10 dollars rent [^] a year and paid a tax of fifty cents — from thence they removed to Newtown, and sojourned there about six months and then came in the town of Amenia in [^] this state & county — where they remained about 6 months without renting a tenement. then they came to Poughkeepsie town, + worked for Mr. Gay, + his wife for Mr. Ruggles_ last spring they went to Beekman town to the house of Gilbert Titus _ After they had lived there a short time, Mr. Titus missed some pork, + suspecting the deponent, dismissed him from his service, they then returned to Poughkeepsie town + have remained there since last harvest, and rented a tenement of Bronson French at 12 dollars a year where they still reside _ Sworn before us the day} +year above mentioned}

Peter Maison Wm. Emott} Justice +

Benjamin Furman ordered to move by Sunday next —

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