OVER 044 – Mrs Jane Curry Summoned Oct 19 1807

Mrs. Jane Curry, being summoned + in-
terrogated with respect to her situation ^& her son James – says
that her son James Curry has disposed of all
her real estate in Poughkeepsie town some time
time that he removed from thence to the
town of Pompey in the County of Onadagua
where he married Sarah Carpenter. as she has
been informed about four years ago. that
she dwelt with them in the family near
three months during which James & Sarah
lived together as man & wife, and acknow
ledged themselves as such in her presence. they
had some difference, when Sara left her hus-
band, they afterwards agreed to separate and
gave each other papers, which they called
bills of divorsement. James Curry has since
that time lived with Rachel Free, but [the]
first wife is still supposed to be living. that
James has lately departed from this place
and left Rachel to take care of her
self –
her mark + Jane Curry

Sworn before—-
us the 19th Octr 1807
Wm Emott

Ompedo Freeman a black man appeard and was interogated respecting his keeping a dis-orderly house; but there being no proof of the fact he was admonished and discharged _

John S Myers Constable reported that he had endeavoured to summon the persons herein after named _ viz. William Free. Said to be removed to pleasant valley. Rachel Curry. Alias Free gone to Sharon. Gitty Brown said to be gone to

Hudson. Ann Stevens gone to New York ___


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