OVER 049 Examination of James Emott Dec 1 1807

Dutchess County fs. James Emott of Poughkeepsie being
duly sworn says that he some years ^since? purchased from
John D I.[P] Douw of Albany a negro woman slave
named Betty who lived in his family until last spring a
year when she undertook to pay the deponent
for her time on his [enya in] he free her. That from
information which the deponent has received from
time to time from the said Betty and from
others, as well as from her appearance he is well
satisfied and verily believes that she is not above
the age of forty years and the deponent
says that he verily believes that the said Betty
is in all respects competent and able to main-
tain herself. that she is married to a black man
who has as the deponent is informed and
believes lately obtained his freedom and a son
keeps house and rents a tenement in the City of Albany
James Emott
sworn this 1stDec 1807
before me
Wm Emott Justice of the peace



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