OVER 131 Examination of Bet Taylor Aug 17 1807

Examination of Bet Taylor
Dutchess County fs. The examination of Bet
Taylor taken upon oath the 17 Augt. Says she is
upwards of 18 years of age. and was born free.
at Catskil as she has understood _ she has lived with
John Forbus, and now lives with Mr/Wm [Butler] at
9/pr week _ she has been in the town ^about two years
[crossed out – she is the wife of Benone Gardner, a free man who
works at Mr. Schenks,] At Catskill she lived with Major Southby,
and has no property besides her nec
assary wearing appearal
Sworn before us the
17 a 1809 – Bet Taylor + her mark
ordered that she depart from this place in 2
weeks from this ^ /place in/ time



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