Albany Gazette – September 9, 1796

75 Dollars Reward. 
RAN away yesterday, from the Sub-
scriber, a stout well made Negro
Man, named DICK; aged about 22 years,
nearly six feet high, remarkably active
and well shaped; speaks the English lan-
gauge very fluent, also the Low Dutch --
sings remarkably well. His color is ve-
ry black, and he has a good set of front
teeth. His dress when he went off, was
a common linen browsers and shirt un-
bleached, short brown jacket, without
sleeves, with a round hat -- It is supposed 
he has changed his dress.
The above reward will be paid to any
person that will lodge the said Negro in 
any gaol in this state, or return him to
his master, in Albany.
August 22, 1796   17ep

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