Poughkeepsie Journal – July 10, 1798

20 Dollars Reward. 
RUN away from the subscriber last Sa-
turday night, a negro man named
TONE, who is supposed to have crossed the
ferry at Newburgh to Fishkill, and gone up
the North river. He is about 20 years old,
speaks good English, 5 feet, 10 or 11 inches
high, has very large feet and an excellent 
set ofteeth, but has one of them missing:
had on when he went away a London brown
short coat double breasted, a pair of fustian
trowsers, and a striped pattern jacket. --
Whoever will take up said runaway and re-
turn him to his master, or secure him in any 
goal so that his master may get him again
shall receive the above reward.
East-Division of Goshen, Orange County,
June 16, 1798.               73-3w

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