Poughkeepsie Journal – June 11, 1811

Fifty Dollars Reward.
RUNAWAY from the subscriber a young
Negro man, of the name of Charles,
about twenty-two years of age, and about
five feet eight or nine inches high, well
made upright, and stout; his complexion
of a yellowish black, good featured for a 
black, and his nose good, with more of a 
dent between his eyes than common for a 
couloured person: not talkative, but handy
with horses; had on a drab colored pair
of pantaloons and jacket, the former nearly
new; a white hat somewhat worn, and a
pair of laced half boots, very little worn.
Is well known on the Albany and New-
York roads, having travelled with the Sub-
scriber and drove his carriage. the above
reward and all fair expenses will be paid on
his being lodged in any jail in the state or
delivered to the subscriber. Windsor-Hill,
near Newburgh, the 16th of April 1811
N.B. The above negro went off in
company of a man of color somewhat taller
than himself, with earrings in his ears, and 
rather slim in his make.

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