Poughkeepsie Journal – March 13 to May 8, 1798

That good Plantation,
which for upwards of forty years has been
improved by the subscriber. It lies two and
a half miles south of the Court house in
Poughkeepsie, & joins the post road upwards
of half a mile, and is little more than half
a mile from Hudson's river; and contains
about 300 acres; 200 of which is arable,
about 60 meadow, and 40 in timber. Se-
veral ridges of limestone run through it from
north to south, affording an unfailing source
of materials for enclosures, (about 250 rods
of wall being already reared.) The soil is
of the best quality for growing wheat, or
any other grain and vegetables commonly 
cultivated in this climate. The orchard
consists of 400 apple trees, in prime order,
and can produce [100] barrels of cider annu-
ally. The dwelling house is of stone; has 
been lately repaired; and consists of six
rooms besides a large kitchen. The barn,
cider house, and other out buildings, are
substantial. The situation on an elevated
plain; is uncommonly salubrious. The mere
farmer can be told that no farm in this 
country for many years past has been more
productive; and he whose principal view is
retirement and amusement, may be assured
that few places are more agreeable, & none 
more healthy.
One quarter part of the consideration will
be required when the writings are executed;
for the payments of the residue with interest,
a liberal day will be allowed. Possession may
be obtained on the first day of the ensuing 
John Freer.
Poughkeepsie, March 5, 1798. 

N.B. One black Woman about 
34 years of age with her daughter 8 years
old, and one other black woman 19 years of 
age with her female child of 7 months old,
to be disposed of by the above subscriber.

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