Poughkeepsie Journal – May 8, 1798

Thirty Dollars Reward 
ESCAPED from Fairfield county
Goal, a negro Man, called AN-
THONY, committed for a rape; he
is about 5 feet 9 inches high, is said to
have some Indian blood in him, his hair
rather longer and more straight than is
common for negroes; had on when he
went away a short blue coat, and strip-
ed racket and blue browsers; has a wife
and children. Whoever will take up
and return said negro man to said gaol,
or secure him in any other gaol, that he
may be brought to justice, shall be en-
titled to the above reward. He made 
his escape about 7 o'clock, P.M. on the
18th inst. ELIJAH ABEL, Sheriff.
Fairfield, March 19, 1798.

N.B. The above described negro has 
been at work about 20 days past with
squire Reynolds, of Beekman town, at
which place he was taken on Friday
evening, the 27th inst. by the subscriber
and conveyed to the outward door of
the court-house, in Poughkeepsie, from 
whence he made his escape, and has 
since been seen lurking about the neigh-
bourhood of New-Hackinsack : he is
brother to one Morris, who was lately
an attendant at Williams' Hotel, and 
very much like him. Whoever will 
apprehend him and secure him in gaol
shall receive three dollars in addition to 
the above reward, from
Haimah Jewel, Constable.
Fishkill, April 30, 1798.

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