Poughkeepsie Journal – September 26, 1792

MY character having for some time past been wickedly and 
maliciously attempte by some evil-disposed person or persons, 
I thought it proper to treat the viledisposed aggressors with 
silent contempt, from a full conviction that those who were 
acquainted with me would treat the report as it deserved -- 
but finding my enemies still endeavoring to pro-mote the 
circulation with the public (many of whom having no direct 
acquaintance with me or my character) may from my silence, 
reduce the said report to a truth. And to shew its falsity, 
the following oath, and Mr. Richard Rapelje's certificate, 
are subjoined.

PERSONALLY appeared before me John Drake, one of the justices 
of the peace of the county of Dutch-ess, Hannah Brower, and 
deposeth, that some time past being at the house of Jesse 
Vail, that Elizabeth Vail, wife of Jesse Vail, told her that 
her husband had heard at the Creek, that Cornelius Bogardus 
had broke into the store of Richard Ra-palje, and that the 
said Rapalje had taken him in the store, and asked his name 
and he would not tell it, and said Rapalje said if the man did 
not give up his name he would blow him through with a pistol, 
and the man told him his name was Cornelius Bo-gardus -- then 
Rapalje led him to the door, and Cornelius went off, and further 
saith not.
   Sworn before me in Fishkill town,
     September 11th, 1792.
       John Drake, justice peace.

I HEREBY do certify, that the re-port in circulation 
intending to injure the character of Cornelius Bogardus,
respecting his breaking into my store, is false, and without 
foundation, and believe done intentionally to injure his 
character by a public defamer.
Richard Rapalje
[F. Creek] Sept. 12th 1792

THIS day I called on Elizabeth Vail, wife of Jesse Vail, 
requesting her author--She at first refused giv-ing me any 
satisfaction -- I declared commencing a [illeg…] defamer -- 
she [illeg…] that her information was from [?] Negroes. Whether 
my character should be publicly defamed by the report of Negroes 
or Elizabeth Vail, who I consider a public defamer, one who has 
endeavored to injure my re-putation, and when called on, can 
support her assertions only by her negro companions, is referred 
to the generous public.
Cornelius BOGARDUS.
Wappings CReek, Sept. 24 1792

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