067-68 Road Book A – May 24, 1806

Know all men by these presents that I
Henry Dodge of Dutchess County State of
New York do by these presents, for good and
valuable considerations, fully and absolutely
manumit make free and set at Liberty my
male slave named Ishmael Frasher, hereby willing
and declaring, that the said Ishmael Frasher
shall and may at all time and times hereafter,
Exercise, hold and enjoy all and singular the liberties,
rights, priviledges and Immunities of a free man
as fully to all intents and purposes as if he had
been norn free. And I do hereby for myself, my
/self/, my Executors, Administrators and Assigns, Absolute-
=ly relinquish and release all my Rights, title and
property, whatsoever, in and to the said Ishmael
Frasher as a slave—–
In testimony whereof I the said Henry Dodge
have hereunto set my hand and seal, this twentieth
day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and six
Henry Dodge
Sealed and delivered
in presents of
Willm Emott
Thomas Nelson
24th May 1806
A true Copy from the Original–
Recorded this 24th May 1806
Eben.r Badger Town Clark

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