Political Barometer – November 4, 1806

At a Special Court of Oyer & Terminer, and 
General Gaol Delivery, held in this village, last
week, before the Honorable DANIEL D. TOMP-
Jesse Wood, was tried and convicted for
the murder of his son, Joseph Wood, and senten-
ced to be executed on the 5th of Decemeber next.
James van Blaricum and John Thompson,
were tried for burning the Court-House of this
County. The jury found the former guilty, and
the latter not guilty. The Counsel for Van Blari-
cum having moved for an arrest of judgment, his
sentence is suspended till a decision of the Supreme Court is had.
David Rose, was convicted of a misdemeanor,
and sentenced to 3 years imprisonment in the
County prison.
Tone, a Negro man, was convicted of an assault
and battery, and sentenced to 10 days imprison-
ment in the County prison.

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