Political Barometer – April 17, 1811

Or rented for one year or more,
A NEAT and convenient HOUSE
on Dover Plains, in the town of
Dover, near the store of Mr. James 
Ketcham, two acres of meadow or pas-
ture land, a good barn &c. and an ex-
cellent garden, well stocked with as-
paragus and fruit trees, and the place is
in good fence. the owner, an elderly 
woman, would wish to reserve on eroom
and furnish it herself and board with the
family, and would be willing to pay a
reasonable compensation. Two very su-
perior cows to be sold or let with the
place. The above is an eligible situation
for a private family or tradesman. --
None need apply but a person of steady
habits, industry, probity, and sobriety. --
For further particulars apply to James
Ketcham, merchant, George casey, Esq.
Mr. James Grant, all of Dover, or of the 
owner on the premises.
To be sold or hired, the time of a 
Negro Woman, capable of doing all
kinds of house work.
April 16th, 1811.

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