Political Barometer – January 10 to January 31, 1810

15 Dollars Reward. 
RAN away from the subscriber, on
the 31st of December last, a Negro
Man named TOM, about 26 years old,
five feet ten or eleven inches high, one of
his fore teeth out by a defect, can talk
Dutch, but is not in the habit of it, speaks
proper English, and is a great dancer and
mimic amongst those of his color. Had
on when he went away, a new bearskin
great coat, a brown broadcloth tight coat,
a swansdown vest, black velvet pantaloons,
grey stockings, and a forum hat; and he
took with him two stropped woolen shirts,
and some linen ones. Any person appre-
heading said negro, and bringing him to
the subscriber, or confine him in any gaol
so that he can get him again, shall receive
the above reward.
Fishkill, January 5, 1810.

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