Political Barometer – January 20 to April 7, 1807

now living in the town of Carmel,
having maliciously and falsely reported and
published a slander against ABRAHAM EVER-
ITT, of the town of Carmel, in the County
of Dutchess and State of New York; name-
ly, that I, said BELLAMY, was at the
house of said Everitt on the evening of the
ninth of September, 1806, that I heard said
Everitt beat and abuse his Negro man, and
believed he did murder said Negro,and that
I could find said Negro in a few hours on 
said Everitt's farm. Whereas there is no
truth in said report, I do hereby own and ac-
knowledge and publish the whole of the a-
bove, which I have reported to be a lie, and 
further, that I was not at said Everitt's at
that time, and I do not believe that the said
Everitt is guilty of any such crime.
In witness whereof, I do hereunto set my
hand this 2d day of Januray, 1807.
In presence of
Enoch Crosby,
John Sprague,
Harvey Newell,
Enos Pardee, }

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