Political Barometer – June 8 to June 15, 1802

Fifty Dollars reward. 
RUN AWAY from the subscriber, on
Sunday the 18th of this instant, two likely
NEGRO BOYS; one about twenty years of
age, and the other about eighteen. One of the
negroes of a yellowish complexion, about five feet
seven inches high; is handy on a farm, and under-
stands house-work -- had on when he went away,
a blue coat, swansdown jacket and blue over-
halls, a forum hat some worn. The other negro
of a dark complexion, about five feet three inch-
es high, is handy on a farm -- had on when he went
away a light homespun suit of bear-skin, and a
rorum hat. they both talk good English, and
are both named Will. It is expected they have
gone to the state of Vermont. Whoever takes
up said negroes, and delivers them to the owners,
or secures them in a county gaol within this state,
shall receive the above reward, or twenty-five dol-
lars for one of them.
Fishkill, April 22, 1802.

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