Political Barometer – May 31 to June 7, 1809

THE subscriber intending to remove
from this part of the country, offers
for sale on low terms, a NEGRO WO-
MAN about thirty years of age, well ac-
customed to all kinds of house work, with
her three children, fine healthy boys, from 
two to six years of age. Also, a small as-
sortment of household furniture, very lit-
tle used:

Until the first of May, 1810, at a redu-
duced rent, the small snug House in which 
he now resides, belonging to Mr. James
Winans; it is the fourth house on the 
east side of the street leading northerly from
R. Davis's landing; has a handsome view
of the river, the garden ready made and well
manured.      ARCHd McLEAN.
Poughkeepsie, May 10, 1809

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