Poughkeepsie Journal August 16, 1803

Twenty Dollars Reward. 
RUN-AWAY from the Sub-
scriber on the 3d inst. a NEGRO
BOY named Bob, in the 18th year of his
age, about 5 feet 7 inches high, very black,
speaks good English, and some Dutch, ra-
ther loud, occasioned by an impediment in his 
speech; has lost a joint of the fourth fin-
ger on his left hand -- Took with him two 
old shirts and a new muslin one, three pair
of browsers, one of which was dark, a blue
broad cloth coat and swansdown vest & eats
very slow ; whoever will apprehend said ne-
gro, and return him the subscriber, or se-
cure him in any jail so that the owner may
get him again, shall receive the above re-
ward and reasonable charges.
N.B. All persons are forbid harbouring
or employing said Runaway at their peril.
Clinton town, Staatsburgh,
July 4th, 1803. }

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