086 Road Book A – March 17, 1813

Manumission of Simeon Williams
We William Davies one of the Executors of Solomon Southerland
deceas.d Ezra Thompson Junr & John Brush owners of a black man
called Simeon Williams as set forth in the within certificate Do
hereby manumit and make free the said slave according to the Act
in such case provided. Witness our hands and seals the ___ day of
March 1813
Wm davies as Ex.r of Solomon Southerland
Ezra Thompson, Junr
John Brush
Sealed & Delivered
in the presence of —

We William Emott & Thomas Nelson Overseers of the poor of the town
of Poughkeepsie Do hereby certify that we have examined a black man
called Simeon Williams formerly a slave to the late Solomon Southerland
deceased and by his executors sold for a certain period of time to Ezra
Thompson Junr and by him sold for a certain number of years to John
Brush yet unexpired — And the said slave plainly appears to be
under fifty years of age to wit about the age of twenty six and
also manifestly appears to be well sound and healthy and of suff-
icient ability to provide for himself. Therfore pursuant
to the act in such cases we give our assent to the manu-
mission of the said slave to the end that his aid Master,
or Masters may be exonerated from the future maintenance
of the said slave Witness our hands and seals the 17th
day of March 1813
Wm Emott
Thomas Nelson

Sealed and Delivere
in the presence of
John Baker
Daniel hebard witness to
Thomas Nelson signature
recorded April 5th 1813
Daniel Hebard Town Clk

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