The Bee – September 4, 1804

Thirty Dollars Reward! 
UNGRATEFULLY left my ser-
vice, yesterday, a Negro Man, about 19 years
old, named SAM, nearly six feet high, of a 
yellowish complexion, thick lips — took with
him a dark brown mixed coat and waistcoat,
blue nankeen browsers, a brown jean coat and
overalls, a white figured jean waistcoat with
pink stripes, clouded cotton stockings, and an
old white hat, besides other articles.
This dereliction of service is base, because
he was purchased by me at his own solicitation,
at $225 price, on an express contract to work
out his freedom, as he knew I was principled a-
gainst slavery, and had manumitted several.
Ten Dollars reward and all reasonable charg-
es will be paid to any person who will return
said servant, or secure him in any gaol and
send me notice by mail or otherwise.
Absconded, at the same time, two
other servants, in a like situation with respect
to obtaining their freedom, the one a servant 
of GEORGE PARKER, about 22 years of age,
named DICK, about five feet ten inches high,
likely, a fiddler, and has his violin with him.
The other a servant of LEWIS DUBOIS, same
age and stature, named SIMON, or SEEM,
yellowishcomplexion, has lost a joint off one 
of his fingers.
A like reward and compensation for expenc-
es will be given for either or both of the last
named servants, by their respective masters, as 
for Sam. –> All plenty of clothes. 
Poughkeepsie, July 9, 1804.

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