Crass Martin, certificate of freedom, April 26, 1821

Dutchess County fs. The case of Crass Martin a black man.

I James Emott first judge of Dutchess County do certify that on this twenty sixth
day of April in the year one thousand eight Hundred + twenty one came before me
Richard Teller who on oath testifies that he knows Crass Martin a black man and has
known him since his earliest recollection; that the said Crass was born and brought
up as a slave in the family of Luke Stoutenbergh, that the said Luke sold the said
Martin to Richard D Cantillon with whom he lived as aslave for five or six years
when he was sold by the said Richard to James Teller with whom the said Crass
lived as a slave until the time of his death in May one thousand eight hundred and
ten + that the Deponent being one of the executors of the said James hath this day given
and requested the annexed instrument of manumission of the said Crass, from which
proof I am of opinion and do accordingly certify that the said Crass Martin is a free man
according to the laws of this sates and became so this day by virtue of the said act of manumission
— the said Crass ^ now resides in Dutchess County is of the age of thirty four, was
born in Hyde Park, about five feet ten inches high, is of slender make, prominent
eyes, and of lightish colour for a black man–
James Emott
Recorded the above the 26th of April 1821


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