30 Dollars Reward.
   Runaway from the Subscriber, on Sunday
the 19th inst. a NEGRO MAN, named 
Bob about 5 feet six inches high, 21 years
old, had on when   he went away a Striped
Nankeen Coat, aplad Vest & plain Nankeen 
Trowses, black hat very large at the top of
the crown, and white stockings, walks a lt-
tle lame by reasons of corns on his toes, has
an innocent look -- he formerly belonged to
Mr. VanVrankin of Fishkill. Whoever will 
take the above runaway and return him or
secure him in any jail, and send me notice by
mail or otherwise, shall be entitled to the
above reward, and all reasonable charges.
New-Platz, Ulster County, August 21, 1804.


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