Poughkeepsie Journal – October 13, 1785

Eight Dollars Reward.
RUN-AWAY from the
Subscriber on the 18th
instant, a Negro MAN, named
JOHN, or JAN, about 25
years of age, speaks both Dutch
and English, is well built, of a
middle size, wants the use of his
right eye, and on inspecting it
narrowly, a cut right over the
middle will be discovered: he
had on when he went away, a
brown broad cloth coat, white
vest and trowsers, a large felt
hat with a black ribband, and
white cotton stockings. Who-
ever secures said Negro, so that
his master may have him again,
shall receive the above reward,
and all reasonable charges.
Kingston, Ulster County,
Sept. 23d, 1785 8-10

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