Poughkeepsie Journal and Constitutional Republican – February 08, 1809

RUNAWAY from the subscriber on the
1st January, inst. an indented Negro
Boy named WILL; aged 16 years, stout
built with large feet and long heels; had on
a homespun butternut colour'd great coat,
drab coloured coat and pantaloons, and stri-
ped Swansdown vest. Said Boy took with
him a horse 7 years old, of a light brown
colour, handsome carriage; and good size.
Likewise and old Saddle and Bridle. Who,
ever will return said negro and horse or se-
cure them and give information to the sub-
scriber or to Mr. John Forbus of Poughkeep-
sie, where they may be had, shall receive
the above reward, or a reasonable reward
for either, and necessary charges. All per-
sons are forbid harboring, or trading with
said negro at the penalty of law.   25 tf
Sharon, (Con.) Jan. 9, 1809 .

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