Poughkeepsie Journal & Constitutional Republican — August 16, 1809-October 25, 1809

RANAWAY from the subscriber on the
9th inst. a negro boy named Harry,
aged about 19 years, five feet nine inches
high, of a yellowish complexion, speaks awk-
wardly, thick lips, under lip hanging much
down, large hands and feet, had on when he 
went away a light colored bareskin coatee the
vest not known, a pair of blue nankeen pan-
taloons, a felt hat half worn, and a pair of
calf skin shoes. Ten Dollars reward and 
reasonable expenses will be given to any per-
son who will secure him in any jail; and the
same reward and reasonable expenses to any
person who will deliver him to the subscriber near Fishkill Landing.
Fishkill 20th, July 1809.    52  tf.

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