New-York Journal, or, General Advertiser – December 21, 1778 – January 4, 1779

Twenty Dollars Reward.
RUN away on the 10th instant, from the subscriber, a Ne-
gro man named MORDECAI, a native of Boston, can
read well, 5 feet 9 inches high, 22 years old; had on when he
went away, a brown coat, yellow metal buttons, cocked up hat,
tinsel button and loop; he has got a large scar on the right side
of his forehead. Whoever will take up said Negro, and confine
him in any gaol, or deliver him to me or to Ensign Phelps, at
Litchfield, in the State of Connecticut, or to Tillen Eastmon,
in Goshe, in the State of New-York, shall have the above re-
ward and all reasonable charges, paid by me or either of them.
Amenia, in Dutchess County,
December 11, 1778
N.B. The subscriber has for sale 22 head of fat cattle.

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