New-York Journal, or, General Advertiser – September 6 – October 4, 1779

RUN-AWAY on Wednesday last, the
1st inst. from the subscriber, living in the Manor of Li-
vingston, a NEGRO MAN, named Tite, of a yellowish com-
plexion, about 24 years of age, 5 feet 9 or 10 inches high,
straight limbed and well made, speaks good English, and some
High Dutch, bred to farming business; had on a cap, the fore
part of it velvet, the hind part home made cloth; lead coloured
home made coat and waistcoat, tow cloth shirt and trousers,
half worn calf skin pumps, with one brass and one pinchbeck
buckle. Whoever takes up and brings the said run-away to
me, or secures him in gaol, giving me notice, shall have fifty
dollars reward, besides all reasonable charges.
September 4, 1779.

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