New-York Journal, or, General Advertiser – April 17, 1780

One Hundred Dollars Reward.
BORROWED the 6th day of March, by one William
Flood, a black STALLION, of 5 years old, with a saddle
and bridle, to go 4 miles, and to send him back by my negro
boy, which he did not; the marks of the horse are as follow,
A little star on his forehead, a snip on the nose, and one
white hind foot; branded with the letters M.O. upon the near thigh. Whoever will take up the said horse, and secure this
said Flood in any gaol, so that the owner may have his horse,
shall have the above reward, and all reasonable charges, pai[d by]
me MICHAEL OVEROCKER, living at Tomhanack []
Albany County, about 4 miles from the Half-moon.

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