New-York Journal, or General Advertiser – July 17, 1780

ON Friday night about nine o’clock,
within 100 yards of the printing-office, near Poughkeep-
sie, a Negro man named MARMEET, belonging to Miss. Ver-
plank, made his escape from the party who were taking him to
gaol, and took with him a very handsome carbine, with a buff
belt fixed to it, on the cock, the makers name, (Forbes) and
on the ramrod, number 244 or 144. Any person who will se-
cure the Negro in any gaol, shall have 40 shillings hard money,
and any person who will deliver the carbine to the printer, shall
have the above reward. The same night (which had been be-
fore fixt upon by a party of Negroes, to go off) he returned
home, after bed time, and took all his clothes, and it is sup-
posed he is gone towards Verplank’s point, in order to get off,
being well acquainted that way. If the carbine should be offer-
ed for sale, it is desired it may be stopped.

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