New-York Journal, or, General Advertiser – May 22, 1780

Three Hundred Dollars Reward.
RUN away from the subscriber on Tuesday the tenth inst.
a Negro boy named SAM, 16 or 17 years old, about 5
feet 4 inches high; had on a light blue linsey-woolsey coat, with
a red collar, light brown jacket, and tow trousers. Whoever
takes up the said boy and will send him to the Poughkeepsie goal,
or confine him in any other place, shalll have the above reward
and all reasonable charges, from the public’s most humble
servant, JOHN DAVIS.
Who has for sale for hard cash, a few articles of dry goods;
as also shushong tea, powder’d and other sugars, and indigo, &c.
Poughkeepsie, May 12, 1780.

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