027 Road Book A – May 19, 1795


Agreeably to the Republican Spirit of the Constitution of our country I have a desire to manumit my negro slave Tone supposing that he comes within the description of slaves mentioned in the fiftennth section of the Statute of this state concerning slaves passed the 22nd day of February 1780 And do hereby request that you will be Pleased to give such certificate as is contemplated in the section above mentioned in order that my purpose above declared may be legally accomplished.. Am gentleman
Your Humble Servant Zepha Platt
Poughkeepsie May 19, 1795
–William Emott & William Terry Esquires Overseers of the Poor for the Town of Poughkeespie. And two of the Justices of the peace for the County of Dutchess
The above is a true copy entered this tewelfth Day of June 1795
Attest…..Richard Everitt Town Clerk

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