OVER 003 Examination of Thomas Casey – Febraury 2, 1807

Regular Meeting February 2, 1807
At a regular meeting of the Justices and overseers
of the poor of the town of Poughkeepsie at the office
of William Emott Esqr the 2nd February 1807
Tunis Tappen Wm Emott
Peter R Maison } Justices
Thomas Nelson Overseer &c

Thomas Casey being examined upon Oath respecting
the last legal place of settlement of Jacob Tabor a
black man, The deponent saith, that the said Jacob
in between forty and fifty years of age as he verily
believes, and he has also understood, that the said
black man was born a slave in the family of
Thomas Casey deceased, then of Pawlding town __
that the said black man was sold by his master
to Job Tabor of the same town. when said black
man was 10 or 11 years old. that Jacob dwelt with
said ^Job Tabor 12 or 13 years; Tabor next sold Jacob
to Henry Livingston of the same town __ and
said Livingston sold said Jacob to Absalom Titus
a man of colour, supposed to be born free, which
[Absolom/Abraham] also lived in xbelonged tox ^ said town of Pawling
from which place he some time after moved out of the county toward[s] Albany, when it is reported
he died __        Thomas Casey
Sworn before us the said 2 Feby.
P Maison
Wm Emott } Justices &c
Tunis Tappen

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