Country Journal – August 22, 1787 to September 12, 1787

Sixteen Dollars Reward
RUN away from the subscriber, li-
ving in Somerset county, and
state of New Jersey, on the 14th of Fe-
bruary last, a negro named BEN,
thirty five years of age, about five feet
six inches high, slender made smart and
active, speaks the low Dutch tongue ve-
ry well, he commonly wears his hair
tied, has very remarkable red lips, with 
some white spots in the red, having on
and took with him a brown coat edged
with red, a white linen or home-made
dimity vest and grey overhauls, two good
linen shirts, a small rimed felt hat,
and a grey home-made great coat with a
Corduroy cape. Said negro produces
a pass signed by a Justice of the peace,
and calls himself Ben Fleer. Whoever
takes up said negro and confines him in
Poughkeepsie gaol, or delivering him unto
Robert Todd living 7 miles from Pough-
keepsie; shall have the above reward
and all reasonable charges paid them by
aplying to said Robert Todd, or his 
master living as aforesaid.
July 1787.

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