Country Journal – December 2, 1788 to February 10, 1789

Ten Dollars Reward
RUN-AWAY from the subscriber
about the 8th Nov. instant, a
about five feet ten inches high, 27 or
28 years of age, a rugged, well built
fellow; had on when he went away, a
brown colored coat and waistcoat of
home-made fitted cloth, and blue bree-
ches; he speaks English and Dutch, and
stammers a little when he speaks ---
Whoever apprehends the said Negro,
and secures him in any gaol, so that the
subscriber, (living at Rochester, Ulster
county, and State of New York) may 
get him again, shall be entitled to the
above reward, and reasonable charges.
Derick Wesbrook
November 17th, 1788

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