OVER 042 Regular Meeting Oct 12 1807

Regular Meeting October 12, 1807
At a Regular meeting of the Justices & Overseers 
of Poor held at Esqr. Emott’s office the 12th October
Tunis Tappen, William Emott
Peter R Maison, Thomas Nelson
Thomas Dubois applies for some Articles of
clothing + for a permanent allowance ..
Ordered that said Dubois be allowed at the rate
of two Dollars a month from the 5th ^Oct. inst. Nov next(crossed out)
until the 5th of ^April May(crossed out) following for board___ 
together with some necessary clothing_ 

Ordered, that the following persons be brought
before this board on Monday next . for examination
viz. _ William Free, Jacob Tabor. Mrs. ^James Curry &
the widow Curry _ Nelly Dubois’s cousin. Ann Stevens,

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