OVER 041 Examination of Gurdon Miller. respecting Jin, a black woman -September 7, 1807

Examination of Gurdon Miller respecting Jin, a Black Woman Dutchess County fs. The examination of Gerdon MIller  respecting Gin a free black woman, taken upon oath before us the 7th Sept. 1807 _ Says that between three and four weeks ago. said black woman came to his house where she is now sick and as he conceives dangerously ill, not in a situation to be removed that he has reason to believe that she came immediate- -ly from the City of New York into the town of Pough -keepsie, that she took a passage & came up with the sloop[?] with Capt. Wm T Beldin. and came ashore at Richard Davis’s landing _ the said Jin, is supposed to be about forty three years of age, and the deponent has understood and verily believes that she was born a slave in the town of Stamford in this county her masters name was Stephen Pugsly, who six or eight years ago, or thereabouts made a present of her to Jessee Thompson Esqr. of said town – That the said Thompson about two or three years ago as is said, manumitted the said Jin agreably to law in the town and county aforesaid Gurdon Miller Sworn before us the 7th Sept. 1807 – Peter R Maison Wm Emott – } Justices &c Ordered that the Overseers of poor grant a temporary relief in the premisses __

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