OVER 018 Regular Meeting – June 2nd 1807

Regular Meeting June 2nd 1807
At a regular meeting of the Justices and overseers of the poor of the town of Poughkeepsie
the 2nd June __ Present
Tunis Tappen
William Emott
Peter R Maison & Thomas Nelson

Ordered, that the poor masters pay unto Henry
Buys; at the rate of six pounds pr year for the
tenement occupied by Myndert Rynders until
they should think proper to notify the said Buys
that it is their pleasure that the said M Rynders
shall quit the said tenement _ the rent to
commence from the 1st day of May last

Mrs Rynders being requested to take George
Ames at $2 per week _ refused to take him
upon any consideration[s] _

Thomas Cary and his wife Phillis attended
Thomas says that he sold poll’s cow for $17
of which polly had $5~50 and the other $11~50 he appropriated to his own use____

Cash advanced by order of the board [by]
William Emott to Thomas Cary for polly
Green above mentioned five dollars

On aplication of Isaac Burnett for assistance
Ordered that he be entered on the poor list
at the usual rate of twenty shillings pr

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