OVER 124 Examination of Caty Stevenson Jul 8 1809

Examination of Caty Stevenson (black woman)
Dutchess COunty fs. The Examination of Caty
Stevenson taken upon Oath before us the 8
July 1809 – Says she was born in Rhynbeck
town the House of Hans Staats^[p]otter druggist(crossedout) – she
was sold by him to Genl Van Ness, who gave
her to W[m?] Van Benthuysen and lived with him
13 years _ Van Benthuysen sold her to Robert –
Livingston of Clinton town about 5 years
ago – she understood she was to remain with
Livingston six years a slave and was then
to be free. she remained with him about four
years, since which she has been working to
raise money to purchase her freedom. Mr
Livingston agreed to mannumit her on her
paying thirty Dollars of which she has paid
five dollars. she says Genl Van Ness owes her
owes her 50f – for 2 1/2 months work – she values
her clothing at six dollars _ she has never
been married and has had six children _ she
expects to lay in the last of this month _ she has
resided here about three weeks last past.
Sworn before us
the 8th July 1809}     Caty Stevenson + her mark
Peter R Maison
Wm Emott }
Ordered that Caty Stevenson depart from this town immediately —

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