OVER 126-128 Examination & Order of Removal of Maria Herrick 16 Aug 1809

John Dearings account was presented for board -ing and funeral expenses of Simeon Hunt deceased at L4–11–7 — ordered, that the same be paid $11–45 paid Also the account of John Dearing for supporting  Sally Hunt a deranged Girl from the 1st April last, to the 4th July following, being 13 weeks at 3/ per week L1-19-0 __ ordered to be paid  $4-88 paid Ordered that the poormaster’s pay in future from  the said 4th July at the rate of 13/ per month for the temporary support of the said Sally until she is further disposed of  Sally Baldwins became chargeable to the town of Poughkeepsie the 5th Augt 1808 at $30 pr year  Examination of Maria Herrick  Dutchess County fs. The examination of Maria Herrick taken upon oath before us the 16th Augt 1809 says she is near 17 years of age. her father’s name is  William Herrick lives in James? Street No 2 is a Joiner. about 2 months ago she left her parents and went to Albany with Capt. Brown. At Albany she was induced to go to Hannah Clapps a house of ill fame she was there a month in a state of prostitution, from  thence she went to one Williams, who also kept a  ba[u]dhouse _ from Albany she came down on foot with an intention of going to her fathers in New York & being destitute of money she subsisted on charity she fell in with a wench who brought her to Jacob Tabors in Poughkeepsie on Friday a week since, she says, a girl  by the name of Clary Randle was there also a prostitute  _ a visitor at Jacob Tabors is Pete the brother of Phebe. On Sunday last she went to Philis’s where she was(crossed out) had communion  with a young fellow with Cur[ly}? hair. & tall – and Joseph Smith and Prince __ at Raymonds she was in the sm[ook] house & was to go out of town in the evening  127 Raymond turned her out and some wenches followed her in this street ___ Sworn before us this 16 Augt . 1809 Peter R Maison Wm Emott} Maria Herrck —^ her mark  Order of removal of Maria Herrick  State of New York Dutchess County fs. To any constable of Poughkeepsie town in said County greeting Wherein upon the complaint of the overseers\ of the Poor of the town of Poughkeepsie and other inhabitants of siad town unto us whose names are hereunto set and seals affixed, being two of the Justices of the Peace in and for said county. That Maria Her- -rick has come to reside in the said town of Poughkeepsie not having gained a legal settlement therein, nor produced any certificate owning her to be settled elsewhere, and that the said Maria is likely to be come chargeable to the said town __ We the said Justices upon due proof thereof made unto us upon Oath and likewise upon other considerations had of the pre misses do adjudge the same to be true. We do like wise adjusge upon due proof as aforesaid that the last place of legal settlement of her the said Maria is in the City + County of New York + State aforesaid and we the said Justices having hereuntofore, that is to say on the 15th Augt inst. ordered the said Maria  Herrick immediately to depart to her last legal place of settlement, and not to return to the town of Poughkeepsie without a legal certificate, which order she has in no wise obeyed.__ We do therefore in the name of the  people of the State of New York Hereby command you the said constable to take and convey the said Maria by the nearest and most convenient rout to the town of Fishkill in said county, and there to deliver her together with this our precept and order to one of 128 the constables of the said town of Fishkill; and  so from constable to constable and from town to town by the nearest and most convenient rout into the City of New york aforesaid, and then deliver her together with this our precept and order to the overseers of the poor of said City or to one of them, or to the commissioners of the Alms House acting as such__ We do also require you the said overseers or commissioners, or either of you of the said City of New York to receive and provide for the said Maria Herrick as an inhabitant of your said City. Given under our hands & seals the 16th Augt in the year one thousand eight hundred and nine — A true copy Peter R Maison William Emott Peter R Maison} Justices Examination of Ann Losee Dutchess County fs. The examination of Ann Losee taken upon Oath before us in the 16th Augt 1809. Says she is the daughter of Joseph Losee deceased, + is a single woman. She is upwards of 16 years of age. She lived in Poughkeepsie till she was 12 or 13 years of age for the most part in her fathers family, she has of late lived in New York – and she is up now ^ here on a visit to her relations- Ann Losee X her mark Taken before us the 16 Augt 1809 P RMaison} Justices Ordered to depart from this town by next Saturday a week

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