OVER 130 Examination of Jacob Tabor August 17, 1809

Examination of Jacob Tabor

Examination of Jacob Tabor Dutchess County fs. The examination of Jacob  Tabor taken upon oath before us the 17th Augt 1809  Says, his wifes name is Sara, his childrens  names are Eliza, near 9 years, John 7 years Patty Ann 5 years, Maria 2 years, Jenny 2 months _ he lives  in Mrs. Parmentier’s house, and agreed to pay her $5 — Committed for keeping a disorderly house See his former examination Taken before us the 17th Augst 1809 Ordered to depart from this town as soon as he is liberated from  the penalties of keeping a disorderly house former examination page 43 Oct 19th 1807

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