OVER 132 Examination of Robert Rutgers Aug 18 1809

Examination of Robert Rutgers
The examination of Robert Rutgers /black man/ taken
upon oath before us the 18 Augt 1809. Says he was
formerly the slave of Col. Barber who sold him to Jacob
Bush, by whom he was sold to Ebenezer Baldwin _
for a time [term?] (crossed out) I was then free _
agreeably to the sale of Burk to Baldwin(crossed out) –
he understood he was manumitted by Burk – & that at
present he lives in Poughkeepsie
and has a family – and lives in a house of Mr. Boice
sworn before us
the 18 Augt 1809} Robert Rutgers / his mark

Ordered to depart from this town immediately
Mr. Bush says he holds himself liable to maintain Robert Rutgers
if he should be a pauper

Note – Ann Stevens has been interogated whether
she is a married woman + by whom she was married
which she refuses to answer
Ann Stevens was sentenced to 30 days imprisonment +
delivered to Con Myers, as a disorderly person
Examination of Philip Mosher
Dutchess County fs. – The examination of Philip Mosher
upon Oath before us the 18 Augt. 1809 — says he
is 28 years of age. was born in the town of Washington
in said County ^ as he understands   is a single man lived with his father
till he was of age or till he was twenty two or three
he since lived with Esqr Haight. he hired a tenement
the 1 of this month of John Lewis ^ in this town
at the rate of 15 // pr year
he is no freeholder __ Ann Stevens is his housekeeper
she takes in work, + she does his house  work – for
which he pays no other wages than the above previliges
Philip Mosher
Ordered to leave the town in 30 days

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